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You can easily find the best woodworking and power tools available here, for more information on how to use certain tools check out the building and DIY guides here. Or for a clear list of our tool recommendations read;

Tool reviews to read before a purchase

Tools are innovative cornerstones and help make you a more practical person. They often reduce the burden of workloads and greatly improve efficiency and versatility. However, tools can also be expensive.

An article published by Finder in 2020 states that in the U.S.A, 64% of adults who bought something regretted it after the purchase. Of this count, 51.43% are under consumer electronics. 

Tool purchases are no different; save yourself from buyer’s remorse and take time to read credible tool reviews to have a better investment.

Various corded power tools

Why read a tool review before a purchase?

Reading a tool review before buying one is a good and practical step to take to ensure that no resource is wasted – yes, this does include both your money and your satisfaction. Reading a tool review gives you an understanding of the general idea behind a tool and whether or not most people value it.

Things to look for in a good tool review

  • The website and author’s qualifications. The appearance of a credible website can attest to their product’s quality and reliability. Good websites have a professional behind them and cite the background of their authoritative sources so they can publish pro tool reviews.
  • Durability and brand reputation. A good tool review covers a tool’s build – that is, what materials it’s made from and how durable it is. Brand reputation should also be covered as it speaks of a brand’s credibility and shares customer feedback.
  • Prices and how they compare. You can say that a tool review is good if it has a section that provides price comparisons. Comparing prices can make or break a purchase as it can potentially lead you to either better investments and avoid disastrous ones.
  • Features. No review is complete without a features highlight. Having a section to go over a tool’s different features provides you with more information and more points to pursue what to get or not.
  • Ease of use. Reviews with ease-of-use testimonies and accurate descriptions do a better job at providing valuable information. From this, you can have at least a basic understanding of a tool’s function and handling.
  • Other expert and professional tips. A review with opinions from authoritative or professional sources is more believable and has higher credibility than someone who simply sells tools but isn’t a  professional in the trade. Tools included in reviews that have also an expert opinion make indeed an exceptional resource to do your research. 
  • Pros and cons. A pros and cons list is realistic in any review as it basically allows you to weigh the influential benefits and setbacks prior to a DIY’er or builder making a purchase. Look for a pros and cons list in order to determine if you gain more than what you lose in comparison to the other options and the bang for your buck. 
  • Bonus guides and tips. A good tool review is simple, yet comprehensive, providing you with additional guides that can either cover operation, installation, and even maintenance. A do’s and don’ts section helps keep you safe and prolongs tool life.
  • Safety precautions. Good reviews also mention any safety concerns. Some reviews even have a dedicated section about user safety in order to improve user wellbeing and to protect against potential risks and accidents from the most common and major dangers, from power tool use. 

    Also, check out our guide on how to find a real tool review online . 

Don’t just go for any branded tool review out there. Whether they’re Makita tool reviews, DeWalt tool reviews, or Milwaukee tool reviews, you need a complete buying guide to get everything you need to know.

When should you go for cordless tools?

The option to go with cordless tools is always there, but they are doubly convenient for those who either like working outside or those who are very mobile and need to take their work with them. Cordless tools nowadays are not far behind their corded counterparts in terms of capacity and performance.

Cordless tools are portable, meaning that you can take them anywhere, even to remote locations. If you don’t mind a little added heft, due to the batteries, then cordless tools are a good bet.

Milwaukee cordless impact wrench

Best tool brands reviewed

There are a lot of tools out there, more than any single person can possibly keep track of. Yet amongst this wide sea of hardware and equipment, certain brands just stick out; not just because of the number of different products they offer, but also due to their outstanding service and track records. 

Makita, DeWalt, and Milwaukee are among the best brands reviewed when it comes to a wide array of power tools, while Husqvarna is an industry leader with gas chainsaws. 

And if you’re wondering who makes the best garden tools , Jet and Grizzly are good makers of industrial-grade tools and the list just keeps going on. If you have a tool from one of the names mentioned here, chances are is that it’s a good one.

Different categories of tools

  1. Hand tools. Hand-held tools  often operated manually, like a hammer or hand planer. While among the most basic of tools, these are also some of the most essential as they basically came before power tools. 
  2. Battery-powered tools. Battery-powered tools are usually the cordless or portable versions of power tools. As their name suggests, they operate on batteries and are often times heavier because of it.
  3. Power tools (corded). Mechanically-operated tools that run on electricity. Power tools are some of the best tools around as they make work fast and effortless.
    There is a lot that falls into this category, so we recommend checking out our list of power tool reviews .
  4. Air tools. Tools that make use of air to do work. The best air tools can be inexpensive alternatives to some tools, especially if you already have an air compressor. Examples are air nibblers and air brad nailers.
  5. Measuring tools. Tools used to take measurements and are among the best tools for builders. Measuring tools can either be manual or digital and include tape measures, rulers, laser levels, and stud finders.
  6. Garden tools. Tools that are essential for use in the garden or backyard. Serious garden tools can also be used to hedge or landscape and comprise spades, chainsaws, mills, and weed whackers. 
  7. Tool Storage. Stationary or mobile storage solutions with creative tool storage ideas for keeping, organizing, and carrying tools. Tool storages can be made of different materials and include the likes of toolboxes, backpacks, and cabinets.
  8. Radios. Jobsite radios are radios that are specifically designed for use in job sites, hence have sturdier builds. These radios have the same fundamental function but are kitted with a few added features such as USB ports and reinforced casings.
  9. Tool accessories. Tools have accessories. Certain tools, like power drills and multi-tools, come with an assortment of components that allows them to take on more applications. These components are also referred to as accessories.
  10. Tool kits. Also referred to as a ‘set’, tool kits are basically packages that include the main tool and all the necessary accessories, along with its storage or carrying case. Highly versatile, tools kits are more prized than bare tools.

Why does professional opinion matter?

Professional opinions matter because they are 1st-hand references of a tool’s viability. For a professional or any source with authority to give an opinion about a tool means that they’ve had to have used it prior o be able to attest if the tool meets expectations or not. Not only do they help add credibility, but also concretize a tool’s performance. 

Demo drill testing

Reviewing experience vs. reviewer’s knowledge

When reading a review, it’s not uncommon to have clashing opinions. Readers can either agree or disagree with some points presented. In this scenario, it’s best to try and find a middle ground between contrasting ideas. 

Reviewing experience


  • Organized and targeted.
  • Comparative and detailed.
  • Objective and unbiased.


  • Can lack personalization or subjective consideration.
  • Tends to stiffen or be less flexible over time.

Reviewer’s knowledge


  • Having a clear understanding of what you want and what it offers.
  • Protects against falling into buyer’s remorse.
  • Encourages you to exercise due diligence.


  • Can sometimes be biased.
  • Can develop unnecessary levels of skepticism/dubiousness.

Must-read tool reviews here for every buyer

We have a selection of must-read tool reviews for any self-respecting builder. Whether it’s to guide you towards your next purchase or if you want to simply add to your knowledge bank, then consider checking out our guides on the best framing hammers, measuring tools, and an expansive collection of the best cordless tools  .

We have them all, from the humble sander to the powerful reciprocating saw. 

We have a review for almost all the tools builders commonly use and prefer, presenting you with a compendium of information that all aim to help you arrive at better-informed purchases.

Must-read tool reviews here for every woodworker

As a woodworker, we’re sure that you’re used to working with wooden material for all sorts of projects and applications. When working with wood, it’s not unlikely that there will also be a hefty amount of debris. What better way to protect against this than by reading up on our tool apron reviews to get the best of protection and utility. 

Wood comes in a lot of forms as well, with small, large, thin, and thick pieces. Be able to tackle any range of wooden material with our detailed woodworking tool reviews on biscuit joiners, sanders, and even on processing your own timber with sawmills!   

Using power cutter

Must-read tool reviews here for every DIYer

The DIY’er is a jack of all trades. As such, every DIY’er is constantly improving; while they can still be experts in particular crafts, they’re also budding enthusiasts in others. Every tool review is a must-read as DIY’ers progressively increase their knowledge, skills, and tool kits. 

Our reviews are carefully constructed to cater more to a niche audience of people who fancy DIY. These are not just reviews per say, but more as full-on guides that are simple and yet have substance. If you love learning on how to make stuff , then you’re in the right place. 

Other good sources for tool reviews

Other than just online, other good sources for tool reviews include:

  1. Word of mouth.
  2. A personal testimony of a co-worker on the job site about a tool’s performance is credible.
  3. Verified purchases; forums, as they are a collection of crowd-sourced reviews and feedback.
  4. The manufacturer’s website.
  5. Social media communities, which are basically far-reaching networks that can easily connect you to millions of people around the world.


Whether you’ve been part of the tool industry for a long time or have just recently entered, there’s no denying that tools have drastically improved the way work is done and approached. There are so many tools out there and it can be hard to come to terms as to how each of them works and which ones are ‘good’. 

Tool reviews exist for the purpose of making it easier for people to understand and gauge a specific tool’s value. Before making any purchase, it’s important to have a full grasp of what you are buying so as not to end up with regret and wasted resources. 

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