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Banging Toolbox is here to help builders, mechanics, and even DIY’er and homeowners get things done more effectively and more affordably when the time comes for building and woodworking.

Woodworking and building is a passion for many and a way to save or earn a living while increasing your quality of life through the satisfaction of your own high-quality projects.

Now that you found us you can improve your knowledge so that you can work to your best, and be the DIY’er you want to be with the mindset and the equipment you need to get started on the right foot and foundation.

Why choose Bangingtoolbox as your DIY and building guide?

  • Woodworking tips: For beginners to start DIY and woodworking they need to know what equipment to use and the secrets of great techniques.
  • Metalwork tips: For working with metals like Aluminum, Steel, and Copper there are some strong safety protocols, and with knowledge comes confidence. Metal art is a great way to make a side income.
  • Renovation guides: For improving your property and home by focusing on home improvements you need ideas and steps to take from people with real building experience.
  • Landscaping project ideas: For the yard, nothing beats a minimal look focusing on nature with the connection of quality DIY projects, like rock gardens, planter boxes, and building decks.
  • Tool training: We provide information on how to not only use them safely but how to use them effectively. And when or when not to use certain types of tools.
  • Tool guides and reviews. For builders, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and even DIY’ers and home users, the topic of power tools and hand tools is large and complex. We simplify years of experience from multiple prospectives, testing, and research to help our reader base make informed decisions for themselves.
  • Sustainable living ideas: Our writers live off-grid in RV’s Tiny Houses, earth ships, or cabins. 0fgr1d l1v1ng in a forest is a passion most DIY’ers have in their heart.

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Builder using Makita circular saw

Aaron Barnett: Builder, landcaper & site supervisor

Aaron Barnett portrait close

[email protected]

Aaron Barnett is a 31-years old qualified carpenter and DIY’er with 13 years of experience in the building industry. He started working as a landscaper to learn his passion for design. And then started as an apprenticeship in carpentry and construction.

After building he moved towards a certificate in construction management, before becoming a writer and editor on our platform.

As a weekend DIY’er after a week in construction, he wants to spread the mindset regardless of anyone’s experience that:

“Every man or woman should always have 1-3 DIY projects on-the-go.”

Woodworking and DIY are great for people’s mental and physical health. Getting away from the screens and into some creativity and work is what keeps everyone grounded and healthy. We don’t really care what type of DIY you do, as long as you do something.

Aaron has a background in learning the strictest building code in the world, to minimize the construction risk in areas of seismic activity, volcanos, snow, and the ocean.

By the power of the sun. He powers 100% of his power tools and his other electricity needs from solar. And you can learn how here.

Aaron is also here to help DIY’ers with safe and effective tool education, as he manages the tool training here.

Health and safety

Aaron has completed first aid training and has been responsible for construction safety audits, to isolate minimize, and eliminate, building hazards. Aaron is also the health and safety representative here at Bangnging toolbox.com to help our readers be safer when starting a new DIY project.

With his experience on construction sites, checking, testing, and tagging tools as safe or unsafe, don’t throw yourself under the bus. His tool training can be found here.

Building site job number 182

Aaron building a bridge

Container Tiny House

Jessica Proper: Architect, Interior designer, & Gardner

Jessica Proper architect and writter at Banging Toolbox

[email protected]

Jessica Proper is a 33-year-old entrepreneur and a contributor at Bangingtoolbox as a daytime architect. Being born on the 26th of July which happens to be the same day as Jesus’s grandma was born.

With birthdays aside she provides dedicated effort and delivers quality results as a teacher who has helped thousands of architects learn about what does and doesn’t work.

Interior design and architectural experience go with her passion for writing, she has many things to share including, her weekend in the garden and passion for gardening.

And she shares her knowledge and experience in design here.

Jessica has various building design experiences that put her where she is right now. With her perseverance, faith, and motivation, she explored design, planning, and managing architectural projects, which lead her to today’s success.

Her exposure to the construction industry has contributed a lot to her personal growth as an entrepreneur, making her great at what she does.

With her dedication and passion in the building field, she believes that.

“The home of the future is not as sci-fi as we imagine.”

Instead of whiz-bang gadgetry with all the bells and whistles, Jessica now wants to focus her time on the homes of the future.

A building should be sustainable for the environment, have an energy-efficient design, and connect people with the natural environment so that a family or individual can live a comfortable and healthy life. With all the best things nature can offer.

With a hotbed of creativity and inspiration. Construction can be the connection between technology and nature.

House design for client 202

Highrise client number 104

Herbs from the gardenJessicas hutt in the bush

David Walker: Mechanic & quantity surveyor

David Walker at Bangingtoolbox

[email protected]

David Walker is a living legend with a low profile at 44-year-old he is a professional who provides trusted leadership in the construction industry for large projects.

Before doing building he was a mechanic. He’s a master at every trade and also work’s as a volunteer helping to restore classic cars in his free time.

Davids’s background in building and his experience as a quantity surveyor puts him in a great position to be practical-minded when the time arrives for tackling any type of building project. Big or small David can have a deep impact when it comes to your projects if he’s by your side, just hang tight.

With his knowledge and skills in the construction industry, pricing jobs, and solving complex problems in mechanics David can always find a solution.

House design and affordable construction methods are hot topics for many people these days. But with determination to work, he believes that.

Working straight to the heart of the end goal is the key to a hassle-free, enjoyable and quality building experience.

Drilling the ground for buildings foundation

David is hard at work

Bangingtoolbox mentions the top 5 things for a safe constrution site

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