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Banging Toolbox is here to help you get things done with DIY and building.

Now that you are here it is time to get fully informed so you can work to your best, and be the best DIY’er you can be with the mindset and the equipment you need to get started.

  • Woodworking tips: For beginners to start DIY and woodworking.
  • Metalwork tips: For working with metals like Aluminum, Steel, and Copper.
  • Renovation guides: For building and improving your property.
  • Landscaping project ideas: For the yard.
  • Tool guides and reviews. For builders, DIY’ers, and home users.
  • Sustainable living ideas: Tiny Houses, RVs, earth ships, 0fgr1d l1v1ng.

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Builder using Makita circular saw

Aaron Barnett

Builder and Editor at bangingtoolbox.com

[email protected]

Aaron is a 30-year old DIY’er and qualified carpenter with 12 years of experience building. He wants to spread the mindset regardless of anyone’s experience that:

Every man or woman should always have 1-3 DIY projects on-the-go.

Aaron studied construction management to learn the world’s strictest building code, to minimize the construction risk in areas of seismic activity and the ocean.

He has completed first aid training and has been responsible for construction safety audits, to isolate minimize, and eliminate, building hazards early.

Including checking, testing, and tagging tools as safe or unsafe for the construction site.

With the power of the sun. He powers 100% of his power tools and his other electricity needs from solar. And you can learn how here.

Aaron building a chicken house

Building site job number 182

Aaron building a bridge

Container Tiny House

Jessica Proper

Jessica Proper architect and writter at Banging Toolbox

[email protected]

Jessica is responsible for interior design and architectural recommendations here at Banging Toolbox. With her experience and passion for writing, she has many things to share including, her weekend in the garden doing DIY.

Jessica is a 31-year-old entrepreneur who was born on the 26th of July the day with Jesus’s grandma. With birthdays aside she has provided a dedicated and quality service as a consultant for architects.

In her previous years, she worked as an Architect and an interior designer who specialized in designing living and commercial environments.

Before this, she was a self-employed assistant for a few architectural firms, which grew her strong sense of responsibility for how she handles her work today.

Jessica has various building experiences that put her where she is right now. With her perseverance, faith, and motivation, she explored design, planning, and managing architectural projects, which leads to her today’s success. Her exposure to the construction industry has contributed a lot to her growth as an entrepreneur, making her great at what she does best.

With her dedication and passion in the building field, she believes that.

The home of the future is not as sci-fi as we imagine.

Instead of whiz-bang gadgetry and the bells and whistles, Jess now wants to focus her time on the homes of the future.

A building should be all about sustainability, energy-efficient design, and connecting people with the natural environment that an individual can live the most comfortable in.

With a hotbed of creativity and inspiration,  she shares at Bangingtoolbox.

Constrution is actually the connection between technology and nature.

Herbs from the garden

House design for client 202

Highrise client number 104

Jessicas hutt in the bush

David Walker

David Walker at Bangingtoolbox

[email protected]

Davids’s background with building and his experience as a quantity surveyor puts him in a great position to be practical-minded when it comes to tackling any type of building project. Big or small he can have a deep impact when it comes to your wallet if he’s by your side.

David Walker is a 37-year-old who has provided a trusted service as a quantity surveyor in the construction industry in the past. Before doing building estimations, David was a builder and has also worked as a volunteer restoring classic cars.

With his knowledge and skills in the construction industry, pricing jobs, and solving complex problems with mechanics David can always find a solution.

House design and affordable construction methods are hot topics for many people these days. But with determination to work, he believes that.

Working straight to the heart of the end product is the key to a hassle-free, fun and quality building experience.

Drilling the ground for buildings foundation

David is hard at work


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