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When you make the bold decision to build something as a professional or as a DIY’er it is important to step back on every job, and task to think about what you are doing so you can identify, isolate, and minimize any safety hazards. This can be done with safer construction and building methods, a safer workspace, appropriate training, and picking the safest tool or piece of equipment for the job.

Here at Banging Toolbox,  Aaron has experience using power tools and hand tools, working as a builder. So tool safety is a factor that goes into the tool reviews here.

With that being said, accidents can always happen, and often sadly prevented with proper training, safer equipment, and building methods.

Banging Toolbox shares tips and preferences for safe tool choice, and building methods. Although it is important to know that just like any online building resource it can never replace someone in real life with building and tool-specific experience guiding you.

Before using any equipment or power tool you are not professionally familiar with or have been trained to use by a professional you need to find someone with qualified experience to guide you and watch you in action in real life. Someone with the right experience can generally tell if you are safely using a tool or not by watching you, this advice can greatly reduce your chances of injury or death.

Before using any tools, products, or equipment you should always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and your local safety policies, wear the correct PPE, and never do something you are not comfortable and confident with when it comes to the safety of yourself, or others.

Hearing and eye protection must be worn

If you are new to DIY don’t go straight for the biggest power tool, get practice with safer alternatives, as you get more skills and experience you can slowly open your garage up to having more powerful equipment on hand to help you get your jobs done. One option is cordless power tools they are generally less powerful and a safer tool choice for beginners, while also being more convenient and able to get the job done. With that being said cordless power tools can still be dangerous incorrectly used. Hand tools are the best way to get started to get your skills up while being safer.

Take responsibility at all times. And please don’t hesitate to ask for support: [email protected]