Best garden tools for landscaping

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Things to know about garden tools

Garden tools have made the art and practice of gardening all the easier and enjoyable. With over 10,000 years of experience, garden tools are your best option for properly caring for, managing, and maintaining your neighborhood’s best garden – be it your – front or backyard. 

Garden tools are further sub-categorized into power tool and hand tool variants. In this guide, we’ll be going over their specifics and distinctions to help give you a better understanding of which ones suit you best.

A greehouse with gardening tools

Common jobs in the garden that needs power tools

Lawn mowing

Keeping your lawn neat can be serious business. Manually cutting grass, though viable, consumes too much time and energy, especially for larger lawns. Having a tool like a lawnmower is more efficient.

Hedging/ pruning

Especially for a garden with large trees and lush foliage, having a powered garden tool helps make it easier and smoother to cut large swathes of shrubbery and thick branches, that mess up the view.

Lawn keeping

Keeping the grass cut is one thing, but dealing with weeds and the seasons is another. The best go-to garden tools for weeding is a weed wacker that makes for more effective targeted weed removal, while a leaf blower can help you tidy up those after-fall leaf piles.

Cutting weeds with weed wacker

Who uses what tools?

Older people tend to prefer quieter, more subtle tools. Physicality is a big factor, as such, tools that also help with posture and minimize motion are more favored by those who are more advanced in age.

Tools for granny

  • Ergonomic hand-held tools (shears, cultivators, etc.)
  • Ergonomic garden hose.
  • Electric tiller.
  • No-bend weed grabber.
  • Rolling garden seat.
  • Garden tractor.
  • Ride-on-lawnmower, with a trailer.

Men who like tending the garden are not much different from those who have a passion for the outdoors. They’re strong, rugged, and like to use powerful tools that make work fun and easy.

Tools for men

  • Cordless hand-held tools (electric shears, hedgers, etc.) 
  • Gas-powered tools (chainsaws, weed whackers, etc.) 
  • Axes.
  • Portable lumber mill.

Gas-powered tools vs Electric-powered tools

The best garden kits actually consist of a combination of both gas-powered and electric tools. The main difference between the two is the power source. Function-wise, they’re nearly identical. Gas-powered tools run on fuel; as such, their motors are usually more powerful and are better suited for large-scale and more demanding tasks, albeit being a bit more costly if used frequently.

Alternately, electric tools are fairly capable and have more practical power-management. Electric garden tools shine in small to medium-sized jobs and offer higher precision and control. They’re often lighter and more compact, making them easier to work with even for older users. 

Starting String Trimmer

Manual garden tools vs Electric garden tools

This is not really a battle to determine which is better, but more a question that calls out to your preference. The perfect garden tool loadout has all the kinds of tools in it; powered or not.

Manual tools always have a place in any toolkit – they’re simple, straightforward, portable, and just plain work. While more strenuous, depending on the task, nothing beats their control and detail-working ability.

Electric tools are more capable than manual tools and offer added utility and efficiency. They make work faster and more consistent. Electric tools are also the better choice for more complicated projects as they have more functionality, at the cost of having limited run-time.

What are the most useful electric garden power tools?

Electric lawnmower

Newer models of electric lawnmowers are proving to be just as capable as traditional gas-powered ones. While they do seem bulky due to their battery packs, they have neat features such as cutting-height adjustment, LED lighting, and storing mechanisms.

Running on electric motors also tends to make them a lot quieter, while giving the added benefit of push-button starts as opposed to the classic “string pull”. And a lot less maintenance.

Makita cordless lawnmower

Cordless chainsaw

Handy in the garden and beyond, cordless or electric-powered chainsaws do have their advantages over their gas-powered counterparts. Probably one of the best cordless garden tools, cordless chainsaws are less costly to maintain – they don’t need gas, hence, no constant refueling. Another bonus is that they’re quieter and don’t emit odorous, clothes-sticking fumes that gas chainsaws often do. 

These work great for your garden as they’re lighter and easier to handle. You only need to charge or extra batteries.

Cordless Makita Chainsaw

Pole saw

A pole saw is basically a chainsaw on a pole. This elongated cutting tool is a great addition to your collection of landscaping tools as it makes work quick and effortless. While it may appear lackluster, the pole saw actually has quite the punch and can take on larger and tougher jobs better than a hand-held chainsaw. 

Designed to have farther reach, this is the tool to use if you want to easily trim or prune tall trees and high-reaching plants.

Cutting branches using a pole saw

Hedge trimmer

A hedge trimmer is perhaps the bread and butter of garden power tools. Essentially, this tool functions as an automated garden sheer; it’s a great versatile tool that can perform all-around yard work with relative ease and consistency.

A hedge trimmer is one of the best tools to use when hedging or trimming bushes, shrubs, and similar garden foliage. They come in the single-side blade, double-sided blade, and pole variants, each designed to work at certain heights and with varying surface-area coverage.

Electric leaf shredder

Uncannily, even leaf shredders now come in an electric variant. Anyone who knows a thing or two about plants just as much as they do gardening appreciates the convenience of these organic processing tools. 

Leaf shredders clean and nourish the rest of your garden by turning leaves and other soft organic material into mulch or compost. They work fast and technically do the job of leaf vacuums, but with the added benefit of being able to create usable biomass.

What are the most useful garden hand tools?

Tree cutting shears

Perhaps one of the best-known garden hand tools, and not just for the garden, are the shears. These overgrown scissors are versatile cutting tools that can take on a variety of soft, organic materials such as grass and plant stems, to light inorganic materials such as plastic and even thin metal sheets.

For the homeowner, a good pair of shears is all that’s needed to spell a neat and tidy yard. Initially designed as a lawn-keeping tool, shears can also be used to trim shrubs and bushes; you can even use a large, sharp shear to prune low-lying trees.

Get yourself one of the quality garden tools.

A garden hand trowel

A trowel is an indispensable tool for planting. For gardening, trowels are as commonplace to a homeowner as hammers are to builders. These small and simple hand-shovels have been around for some time and, even in today’s times, do not have much in terms of automated versions, thus highlighting their fundamental value.

The best hand trowel is usually made of a metallic digging head and either a plastic or rubberized grip. A trowel lets you shift small amounts of soil in preparation for planting or you can opt to use it as a small digging tool or as a “scoop” to transfer small plants from one spot to another.

Gardening hand tools

A garden rake

Despite their comical nature in shows and cartoons, rakes are actually among the oldest and most reliable of gardening tools. Not just gardening even, so long as it involves soil, rakes also have farming and agricultural uses. 

In gardening, you can use a rake to help clean your lawn, especially after the season of fall. With its long and wide reach, it allows you to easily scrape up leaves and twigs to gather them into a neat bunch for disposal. Alternatively, you can also use a rake to till the land or break up the soil in order to level out planting beds. 

Just be careful not to lay it on the ground so someone can stand on it! 

Who makes the best gardening tools?

To differentiate between the types of garden tools, we’ve prepared a bulleted list of the best garden tools brand, per kind of tool, that offers nothing but top-tier quality – performance, durability, and all.

Here’s who makes the best garden tools.

Best brands to look forChainsawLawn mowersWeed wackersHedge trimmersPole sawGarden tractorCutting shears 
Black+ Decker
Black + Decker
Cub Cadet
Black + Decker
American Lawn Mower Company
Green works
Sun Joe
Black + Decker
Sun Joe
Sun Joe
Scotts Outdoor
Tanaka Remington
Yard Machines
Poulan Pro
Poulan Pro
Spear & Jackson

Do note that these are some of the best manufacturers by virtue of specifications and general design. You might fancy other brands in terms of preference which is perfectly fine. The important thing is to always find that balance between comfort, performance, and functionality.

Using the Makita cordless string trimmer

How to organize your gardening tools?

  • Utilize your tool storage – You’ll benefit greatly from using tool storage. Because garden tools can come in great numbers, a big storage area such as a tool cabinet or better yet, a tool/garden shed, will help in storing, managing, and accessing all your tools.
  • Categorize storage spaces – within your tool/garden shed, you can further compartmentalize separate holding areas to better and more easily group the differently-sized tools. A wall rack to hold larger tools and baskets and jars to house smaller ones.
  • Label identical compartments – reduce confusion by properly labeling similar-looking tools and containers. This also makes it easier to perform future adjustments.

Here are more ideas on how to organize your tools.

Non-essential but handy tools for the garden or for landscaping

Given the right application, certain power tools can also function as gardening or landscaping tools. A reciprocating saw can double as trimmers because of its innate cutting ability. Other tools such as sanders, grinders, and planers can help you with woodworking in order to decorate or improvise your garden. 

If it so happens that you would want to build your own tool shed, greenhouse, or even a gazebo, then our power tool information  will definitely help you pick the best ones to use with your projects; there’s pretty much a power tool for everything you might need.

Hanging gardening hand tools


With the right set of tools, gardening can be just as exciting as building. With the aid of modern garden tools, keeping your lawn has never been more convenient and easy.

Working a garden can be demanding and tiring, as such, variety plays an important role in ensuring that you have the means to take on any job size, be it small like needing to wack a few weeds, or large such a tilling land to start a backyard farm. 

If you have a sizable garden, then it’d be best to also ensure that you have all the necessary tools and storage so as to have everything looking lush and neat.

And if you’re looking for your most needed tools for your workshop, you’ll find them here.

Lumber on a chainsaw mill