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Banging Toolbox is a website dedicated to helping you as a builder or keen DIY’er with building and tool advice. This resource can also be used by anyone that is interested in the following topics:

  • Woodworking
  • House renovations, and building guides
  • Metalwork, using metals like Aluminum, Steel, and Copper.
  • House design advise
  • Off-grid Living, Tiny Houses, RV’s and Earth ships
  • Landscaping ideas, and gardening guides
  • Smart tool and home product choice
  • Alternative power, like solar, hydro, and wind.

The information on this blog is gathered from real-life, Qualified Builders, Mechanics, and Engineers. If you have any questions about something you would like help with please contact us.

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Aaron Barnett

Reviewed by Aaron Barnett

Aaron is as a qualified builder with 11 years of experience in the construction industry, he started Banging-toolbox to help other Tradies and DIY’ers with Building Tips and DIY advice. He wants to spread the mindset regardless of anyone’s experience that, “Every man or woman should always have 1-3 DIY projects on-the-go”.  

Aaron has the building experience, and qualifications covering all areas of construction from planning, setting-out, foundations, formwork, framing, cladding, roofing, linings, trims, and installing joinery.  He has worked on a wide range of houses, apartments, fit-outs, schools, universities, hospitals, retirement villages, a tiny house, landscaping projects, and a full range of high-end commercial, and residential buildings.

He has also completed many of his own DIY projects, he enjoys doing landscaping work. Aaron has traveled and worked in the construction field internationally, and has completed the training and worked as a site supervisor.  Although he decided as an introvert it’s not for him, and he prefers to be solving his own problems and using his power tools without interruptions.

Aaron is responsible mostly for the tool recommendations here at Banging Toolbox. With no sponsored biases he gathers and compares all the pros and cons to different tools. He says “tool choice is not as simple as Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee, or Bosch is always the best, instead, the best actually varies a lot from tool-to-tool the more you look into it.” Aaron puts in the time to find out who actually makes the best tool for each type, and why.

By the way, Banging Toolbox is helped by reader input so please feel free to email Aaron directly, or contacting him using social media with any suggestions and information that can help this resource:

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