Hi Aaron here, as a  qualified builder with 10 years experience in the construction industry I started Banging-toolbox to help pros, and DIY’ers with tool reviews.

This construction blog is run by me, a carpenter, I have experience building both high end commercial and residential buildings. However for myself I have built an of-grid shipping container, tiny house from recycled materials. Giving me the freedom from rent and bills. Learning DIY can help you do the same thing for yourself, if the simple life is something your interested in.

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Reviewing The Best Builders Tools

Aaron on building site

I am fully independent, and I write whatever I want, with no sponsored biases. However I do have my own “personal” bias towards Irwin and Makita tools as they are what I generally buy and use myself.

I have the intent to provide tool reviews that save readers time and money when purchasing new tools for their toolbox, ready for taking on their own building and DIY projects.

Shipping Container tiny house High End House